Retaining wall

This was the first retaining wall I ever built. It was by far the most physically demanding project. It was also rewarding. I got to know how much patience I have, because this job really tested me. At the end thank God we got it done.

Pictures From My Previous Jobs


Carpet Seams and Installation

Seams and carpet installation everything may not be what it ‘seems’ to be. One of the main challenges involved in CARPET INSTALLATION is accomplishing the “perfect seam.”  The real issue is determining what the “perfect seam” is.  And, looking at this in a pragmatic manner is the only way to actually understand the situation. First of all, by definition a seam is “the line where formed by joining together two pieces of material at their edges.”  And, with that in mind one can surmise that virtually everything has seams:  your shirt, your sofa fabric, even the wood in your desk.  However, the only item where people seem to think that seams should be totally invisible is in carpet! Carpet Seam Iron The real issue revolves around a person’s expectations.  When it comes to carpet there are two types of seams – – acceptable seams and unacceptable seams. carpet seam An “acceptable seam” is accomplished when the carpet backings are flush to each other and there are no gaps or over

Start of my business

Hello friends this is Joseph from JZG Construction. I have finally decided to do my own thing. I don't want to work for anyone anymore. I'm extremely excited about this bold step that I'm taking. I was a little afraid at first, and going back and forth, whether I should find a job or work for my self. but I decided to work for myself. I'm ready to put in the time and effort into building my company. I love what I do and I just excited about this new journey I am about to embark on. Have a bless day everyone, and thanks for reading. JZG Construction LLC


Good afternoon, my name is Joseph Grant, and I am the owner and CEO of JZG Construction LLC. I decided to start blogging because, I enjoy working in the field of construction, and I want share my experience with everyone. My primary focus of work is construction is, construction framing. Construction framing is like the skeleton of a persons body, before the muscles and skin are attached. I have been a framer for about five months, and I love it. There is always something new to learn. I had no previous experience five months ago, but I've learn so much. I decided to do construction because, I've always had the desire to build things, and I am also a construction management student. The hands on experience has really helped me in the class room. Everything is starting to make sense. Thank you for visiting my page, and have a blessed day. May God bless you.